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High Performance composite Solutions

We are a Canadian-born company with experience in the solutions and production of high performance parts in the aerospace, aeronautics, energy, transport and naval sectors. With the support we have of our head office, combined with a solid entrepreneurial structure and knowledge of our technical team in Brazil, we offer composite materials Solutions (FRP).

VCI Group
in the world

We are a company of Canadian origin, present in 9 countries and over 300 employees.


It is the ideal solution to add durability, lightness, flexibility and resistance to materials.


Certified quality, deadlines, component integration and cost optimization


Inspections and repairs of components. Management and deadlines In line with the reality of our customers.

Areas of activity

The markets in which we operate

We are present in important markets, developing parts and components with intelligence and innovation. In each sector, we use the best raw materials to maximize the performance of the companies and the quality of their products.

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