Strategic Partner for Custom Composite Solutions


We operate in four strategic markets, with a specialized technical team to meet the requirements of Standards and Specific demands of each sector. In all cases, composites offer innovative solutions for your company.

We are developing important parts and components for bus bodies, agricultural machinery and sprayers.

Ceilings Interior lining
Auto Body parts
Utility Poles
For the power and telecommunications sector where lightness, durability, ease of installation, handling and transportation are required. Achievement of technical needs at all levels.  
For the aerospace industry, where precision and performance are mandatory prerequisites, we produce essential components for optimum operation of flight simulators.

Back and Internal Components
To meet the growing demands of the wind industry, we are leaders in the production of nacelles and other wind turbine parts. We follow strict standards for the verification and tracking of materials used in production, which simplifies the delivery of products and reduces the need for adjustment.


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